The King and I

This is the musical made internationally famous by Yul Brynner as the King of Siam with Deborah Kerr as Anna Leonowens - the governess to his many children by his many wives. Most people know the story of their fiery relationship and her attempts to civilise him and his efforts to do the best for his country and his family. This is the romance that gave birth to such classics as 'Getting to Know You', 'I Whistle a Happy Tune', 'Hello Young Lovers' and 'Shall We Dance?'.

Show dates: 19/04/2010 - 24/04/2010

Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
Production TeamDirectorRichard Wright
Production TeamMusical DirectorSheila Ross
CrewAssistant Stage ManagerCatherine Tucker
Production TeamStage ManagerAnnette Papworth
Production TeamChoreographyTina Eyers
Production TeamLighting Design and OperationGraham Brown
CrewProperties ChiefSharon Edmonds
PrincipalsCaptain OrtonGordon Scott
PrincipalsLouis LeonowensToby Wall
PrincipalsAnna LeonowensKate Lynch
PrincipalsThe InterpreterChris Briton
PrincipalsThe KralahomeNick Furze
PrincipalsThe KingGerald Eyers
PrincipalsPhra AlackKen Mahoney
PrincipalsLun ThaNick Barlow
PrincipalsTuptimAmy Higgins
PrincipalsLady ThiangElspeth Salmon
PrincipalsPrince ChululongkornMason Brook
PrincipalsSir Edward RamsayFrank Edgeller
PrincipalsPrincess Ying YaowlakSophie Kerton
Children of the KingRodgersPhoebe Lynch
Children of the KingRodgersBen Lynch
Children of the KingRodgersLucy Russell
Children of the KingRodgersMegan Hamilton
Children of the KingRodgersOlivia Kerton
Children of the KingRodgersSophie Kerton
Children of the KingRodgersLibby Mewes
Children of the KingRodgersJessica Michelmore
Children of the KingRodgersLucy Hobman
Children of the KingRodgersBen Wall
Children of the KingHammersteinJolyon Doyle
Children of the KingHammersteinJessica Hughes
Children of the KingHammersteinKieran Doyle
Children of the KingHammersteinCharlotte Clissold
Children of the KingHammersteinGeorgina Clissold
Children of the KingHammersteinBertie Handley
Children of the KingHammersteinSophie Kerton
Children of the KingHammersteinLibby Mewes
Children of the KingHammersteinJessica Michelmore
Children of the KingHammersteinLucy Hobman
Chorus SingerMary Hayter
Chorus SingerVicky Orman
Chorus SingerMichelle Lucas
Chorus SingerDavid Papworth
Chorus SingerAnne Beechey
MusiciansBallet PercussionistTony Hathway
MusiciansBallet PercussionistMark O'Callaghan
PrincipalsPrince 1Ben Lynch
PrincipalsPrince 2Ben Wall
PrincipalsPrincess 1Lucy Russell
PrincipalsPrincess 1Jessica Hughes
PrincipalsPrincess 2Phoebe Lynch
PrincipalsPrincess 2Charlotte Clissold
PrincipalsPrince 1Kieran Doyle
Other Cast MembersWives of the Kingmarion gobin
Other Cast MembersWives of the KingMichelle Lucas
Other Cast MembersWives of the KingPauline Perrin
Other Cast MembersWives of the KingSarah Stott
Other Cast MembersWives of the KingKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
Other Cast MembersWives of the KingJudi Neale
Other Cast MembersWives of the KingAnnie Ward
Other Cast MembersWives of the KingEleanor Allen
Other Cast MembersNursesDavid Papworth
Other Cast MembersNursesAnne Beechey
BalletElizaElla Upham
BalletGeorge/Angel/SunSarah Neale
BalletSimon of LegreeNick Barlow
BalletUncle ThomasKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
BalletLittle EvaEleanor Allen
BalletLittle TopsyJudi Neale
Chorus DancersSophie Kerton
Chorus DancersLucy Hobman
Chorus DancersLibby Mewes
Chorus DancersJessica Michelmore
Chorus DancersSarah Neale
Chorus DancersAnnie Ward
Chorus DancersSarah Stott
Chorus DancersKim Fisher
Chorus Dancersmarion gobin
MusiciansFluteAmie Pendarves
MusiciansPercussionDavid Collyer
MusiciansTrumpetNick Barlow
Other Cast MembersSlaves and AmazonsMark O'Callaghan
MusiciansKeyboardGill Tucker
MusiciansClarinetIan Calvert
MusiciansClarinetMarie Tighe
Chorus DancersPauline Perrin
MusiciansKeyboardSheila Ross
Chorus DancersKen Mahoney
CrewPromptSue Kerton
Other Cast MembersPriestsAlan Hooley
Other Cast MembersPriestsTony Hathway
Other Cast MembersPriestsFrank Edgeller
Other Cast MembersPriestsChris Briton
Other Cast MembersPriestsMark O'Callaghan
Other Cast MembersPriestsGordon Scott
Other Cast MembersDeckhand/TownspeopleTony Hathway
Other Cast MembersDeckhand/TownspeopleKen Mahoney
Other Cast MembersDeckhand/TownspeopleGill Kerton
Other Cast MembersSlaves and AmazonsAlan Hooley
Other Cast MembersSlaves and AmazonsGill Kerton
Other Cast MembersSlaves and AmazonsMary Hayter
Other Cast MembersSlaves and AmazonsVicky Orman
MusiciansBassTony Scragg
Chorus DancersGill Kerton
Other Cast MembersDeckhand/TownspeopleMark O'Callaghan
CrewFollow SpotPete Ross
CrewFollow SpotBob Collins
CrewSoundPete Ross
CrewProperties AssistantAnne Scullard
CrewProperties AssistantLesley Ricketts
CrewProperties AssistantSarah Wiltshire
SetSpecialist PropsCatherine Tucker
SetSpecialist PropsAnnette Papworth
SetDesignCatherine Tucker
SetConstruction ManagerAnnette Papworth
SetConstructionRoger Reeson
SetConstructionGraham Brown
SetConstructionMick Quirk
SetConstructionJames Wiltshire
SetConstructionTony Hathway
SetConstructionCharlie Watkins
SetConstructionFrank Bonetti
SetConstructionPeter Volk
CrewStage HandRoger Reeson
CrewStage HandJames Wiltshire
CrewStage HandCharlie Watkins
CrewStage HandMick Quirk
CrewStage HandPeter Volk
CrewStage HandFrank Bonetti
SetPaintingVicky Orman
SetPaintingKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
SetPaintingSarah Briton
SetPaintingDavid Papworth
SetPaintingCatherine Tucker
SetPaintingMark O'Callaghan
SetPaintingMichelle Lucas
SetPaintingBen Lynch
SetPaintingKate Lynch
SetPaintingPhoebe Lynch
SetPaintingCheryl Evans
SetPaintingIris Marshall-Smith
SetPaintingSandra Marshall
WardrobeWardrobe MistressSue Scott
WardrobeAssistantSarah Briton
WardrobeAssistantKate Hathway
WardrobeAssistantCherry Payne
WardrobeAssistantJo Turner
WardrobeMake UpHelen Makin
WardrobeMake UpElaine Watson
WardrobeWigs and HairJenny Hailes
PublicityPoster DesignKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
PublicityProgramme DesignSarah Kendall
PublicityProgramme DesignElly Milln
PublicityPhotographyArik Casey
PublicityOfficerEmma Dance
OffstageBar Co-ordinatorChris Spray
OffstageBar StaffSarah Briton
OffstageBar StaffPeter Beechey
OffstageBar StaffMark Hutchinson
OffstageBar StaffJean Reeson
OffstageBar StaffMark Wall
OffstageBar StaffJenny Hailes
OffstageBar StaffSue Jones
OffstageBar StaffJamie Symes
OffstageBar StaffChris Salmon
OffstageFirst Aid Co-ordinatorChris Spray
OffstageFirst AiderMark Wall
OffstageFirst AiderEmma James
OffstageBox Office Co-ordinatorNorman Cowell
OffstageFront of House Co-ordinatorJackie Young
OffstageFront of House Co-ordinatorMarcel Wills
OffstageBar StaffPeter Upham
OffstageBar StaffSharon Upham