Robin Hood

Robin Hood, our heroic Principal boy has to thwart the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham and his flunkies Guy and Gal of Gisbourne who are on the verge of taking over Merrie Old England in the absence of Richard the Lionheart. Fairy Britannia is there to help (once she's had a nice cuppa), and he has his Very Merry Men to help him...even if most of them are women. Nursie Nancy is there to cause confusion while Robin tries to save the day and the love of his life Maid Marian all before the end of Act 2!  A new pantomine written by our own Vicky Orman.

This Pantomine was entered into the Cinderella Trophy competition run by the Somerset Fellowship of Drama;


Runner Up Cinderella Award

Best Original Script                  Vicky Orman

Best Direction                          Tina Eyers

Young Comic of the Year            Ben Wall as Little John

Best Male Villain                        Gerald Eyers as Sheriff

Special Award                            Children’s Costumes

Bradford Trophy 

Best Performer aged 16 or under   Ben Wall as Little John



Star of the Future Ben Wall

Best Theatre Musicians

Best Female Villain                       Jeanne Clogg for Evelynn

Best Theatre Stage Management

Best Sound Effects

Best UV Scene

Best Properties

Make Up Award

Eddie Bowker Award (Outstanding Performance of the Year) Gerald Eyers for Sheriff

Romantic Duet of the Year           Nick Barlow and Poppy McCarthy

Romantic Duet of the Year           Kate Lynch and Roberta Bass

Musical Direction                         Sheila Ross

Brokers Men of the Year              Ashley Watson and Emma James as Guy and Gal

Principal Girl                               Roberta Bass as Maid Marion

Dame of the Year                        Mark Wall as Nurse Nancy

Principal Boy for the Year             Kate Lynch as Robin Hood

Linkman Of the Year                    Nick Barlow  for Will Scarlett

Choreographer of the Year           Ella Upham

Best Original Costumes


Show dates: 10/12/2011 - 17/12/2011

Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
Production TeamAuthorVicky Orman
Production TeamDirectorTina Eyers
Production TeamMusical DirectorSheila Ross
Production TeamChoreography AdultsKim Fisher
Production TeamChoreography ChildrenElla Upham
Production TeamAssistant DirectorSandra Marshall
Production TeamLyric WriterKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
CrewLightingGraham Brown
CrewSoundPete Ross
WardrobeMistressSarah Briton
WardrobeCostumesJan Doyle
WardrobeCostumesAnita Beesley
WardrobeCostumesSue Scott
WardrobeMake UpHelen Makin
WardrobeMake UpJulie Makin
PublicityProgrammeSarah Kendall
PublicityPostersSarah Kendall
CrewPropertiesLesley Ricketts
PublicityPhotographyLisa Willetts
Production TeamProducerGerald Eyers
Production TeamChildren Liaison OfficerDoreen Grant
CastRobin HoodKate Lynch
CastMaid MarianRoberta Bass
CastNursie NancyMark Wall
CastAlana DalePauline Perrin
CastLittle JohnBen Wall
CastSherrif of NottinghamGerald Eyers
CastGuy of GisbourneAshley Watson
CastGal of GisbourneEmma James
CastFairy BritanniaSharon Upham
CastRed Riding HoodPoppy McCarthy
CastEvilynnJeanne Clogg
CastKing RichardRichard Wright
Adult ChorusThe PoorSarah Briton
Adult ChorusThe PoorVicky Orman
Adult ChorusThe PoorPaul Willetts
Adult ChorusThe PoorKen Edmonds
DancersKim Fisher
DancersLeanne Franklin
DancersJessica Hewlett
DancersMel Mahoney
DancersJamie Symes
DancersElaine Watson
Adult ChorusPeasant / GuardKatie Branch
Adult ChorusPeasant / GuardCatherine Buckland
Adult ChorusPeasant / GuardClaire Hak
Adult ChorusMerry MenJade Hailes
Adult ChorusMerry MenJenny Hailes
Adult ChorusMerry MenMark Hutchinson
Adult ChorusPeasant / ExecutionerStacey English
Adult ChorusPeasant / StenographerJanet Rees
Adult ChorusPeasant / StenographerLisa Willetts
Adult ChorusRich CitizenJo Scammell
Adult ChorusRich CitizenMary Hayter
Adult ChorusRich Citizen / JudgeLen Sweales
Adult ChorusTree / Suit of ArmourChris Briton
Junior ChorusTeam 1Megan Hamilton
Junior ChorusTeam 1Isabel Shellard
Junior ChorusTeam 1Gina Symes
Junior ChorusTeam 1Deanna Symes
Junior ChorusTeam 1Ben Lynch
Junior ChorusTeam 2Sophie Peters
Junior ChorusTeam 2Lucy Russell
Junior ChorusTeam 2Jessica Hughes
Junior ChorusTeam 2Olivia Kerton
Junior ChorusTeam 2Phoebe Carroll
Junior ChorusTeam 2Jolyon Doyle
Production TeamJoint Stage ManagerCatherine Tucker
Production TeamJoint Stage ManagerCharlie Watkins
SetDesignCatherine Tucker
CrewPropertiesPat Watkins
Junior ChorusTeam 1Amy Cleverley
CrewStage HandBenny Williams
Junior ChorusTeam 1Molly Hall
Adult ChorusThe PoorLiz Carey
Junior ChorusTeam 1Rosie Boulton-Roberts
Junior ChorusTeam 2Madeleine Allen
Junior ChorusTeam 2Lucy Peters
WardrobeCostumesIrene Hooley
SetConstructionTony Hathway
SetConstructionMick Quirk
SetConstructionRoger Reeson
SetConstructionMike Scammell
SetConstructionChris Spray
SetConstructionJames Wiltshire
SetConstructionCatherine Tucker
SetConstructionCharlie Watkins
CrewStage HandTony Hathway
CrewStage HandMick Quirk
CrewStage HandRoger Reeson
CrewStage HandMike Scammell
CrewStage HandJames Wiltshire
SetConstructionFrank Bonetti
CrewPromptFreda Brown
CastFriar TuckLen Sweales
CastRich Citizen / JudgeRichard Wright
CastWill ScarlettNick Barlow
CrewPropertiesVicky Orman
CastGuy of GisbourneSandra Marshall
SetConstructionDavid Papworth
SetConstructionAnnette Papworth
Production TeamProducerVicky Orman
Crew1st followspotPete Ross
Crew2nd followspotBob Collins
CrewStage HandFrank Bonetti
WardrobeCostumesAileen Thomasson
WardrobeCostumesCherry Payne
WardrobeCostumesGwen Mackenzie
WardrobeCostumesJean Reeson
WardrobeCostumesJo Turner
WardrobeCostumesJo Scammell
WardrobeCostumesKate Hathway
WardrobeCostumesMelanie Goody
WardrobeCostumesSharon Young
WardrobeCostumesSue Jones
SetPaintingVicky Orman
SetPaintingKate Lynch
SetPaintingPhoebe Lynch
SetPaintingBen Lynch
SetPaintingSandra Marshall
SetPaintingDavid Papworth
SetPaintingMary Hayter
SetPaintingFrank Bonetti
SetPaintingCatherine Tucker
SetPaintingAlice Frayne
BandKeyboardsSheila Ross
BandBassTony Scragg
BandGuitarAlan Hooley
BandDrumsDavid Collyer
SetPaintingLouise Sansam