London Suite

Settling Accounts

Billy has managed the financial affairs for some years for his friend Brian, a successful writer, but all is not as it should be. Brian threatens his 'grand master of finance' who feeds him a catalogue of questionable decisions leading to Brian's admission that he now retrospectively hates hisĀ  overseer

Going Home

Mother and daughter are spending their last night in London and the daughter Lauren is desperate to encourage her mother to start dating again..

Diana and Sidney

Diane is a successful TV actress on a promotional tour, meeting up with her ex-husband who now lives with a younger man on a Greek island. His purpose for the rendezvous is to ask for money whereas she on the other hand still has strong feelings for him and is hoping for a rekindling of their affections.

The Man on the Floor

A comical farce based around Mark and Annie's lost Wimbledon tickets. Things go from bad to worse when Mark's back seizes up and he is immobilised, only for the hotel's Associate Manager to arrive to inform them they have been given the wrong suite, and must move to make way for Kevin Costner.

Show dates: 07/03/2018 - 10/03/2018

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Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
CastBrian CroninKevin Hardacre
CastBilly FoxGlynn Webster
CastDiana NicholsKate Lynch
CastGrace ChapmanCatriona Eagle
CastSidney NicholsKen Edmonds
CastMark FerrisTristan Hann
CastAnnie FerrisNicky Hann
CastMrs SitgoodDoreen Grant
CastBellmanBernie Mundy
CastDr McMerlinMark Wall
CastSenior MaidPauline Perrin
CastJunior MaidDanielle Clark
Production TeamDirector Doreen Grant
Production TeamDirectorMark Wall
Production TeamProducerDoreen Grant
Production TeamProducerMark Wall
Production TeamPropsVicky Orman
Production TeamPropsJo Scammell
Production TeamPromptDoreen Grant
Production TeamPromptCatriona Eagle
WardrobeWardrobeJulia Gear-Evans
SetSet DesignMark Wall
CrewStage ManagerMike Scammell
Production TeamMake UpHelen Makin
WardobeWardrobeDoreen Grant
CastMrs Semple Elaine Hayne
CastLauren Semple Hilary Quinlan
Production TeamPhotographyAdam Lanfranchi
Production TeamProgrammeAdam Lanfranchi
CastVoice overAdam Lanfranchi