Little Lights Up 3

Evercomb Antiques is the third production in a series of Little Lights Up compilation shows full of musical theatre songs, sketches and dance. It takes feelgood story about a family run Antiques shop, and uses that framework to provide a springboard into showstoppers, dance and comedy. Featuring tap numbers, solos, acapella, well known songs from Broadway and some lesser known gems there is genuinely something for everyone.
An evening of fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Show dates: 22/09/2015 - 26/09/2015

Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
Production TeamDirectorTina Eyers
Production TeamProducerGerald Eyers
Production TeamMusical DirectorNick Barlow
Production TeamStage ManagerChris Spray
CrewSoundAdrian Mitchell
CrewMake UpHelen Makin
CrewMake UpJulie Makin
Production TeamChoreography - AdultsTina Eyers
Production TeamChoreography - AdultsJudi Neale
Production TeamChoreography - ChildrensSarah Neale
Production TeamSketches Co-ordinatorDoreen Grant
CastGeorgina Cleverley
CastLiz Carey
CastPhoebe Lynch
CastMartha Hale
CastStacey English
CastEmma James
CastJamie Symes
CastDeanna Symes
Production TeamCostumeLouise Sansam
CastHoney Hann
CastKate Lynch
CastJudi Neale
CastGill Kerton
CastNick Creaser
CastVicky Orman
CastAlisa Creaser
CastSandra Marshall
CastBenny Williams
CastKen Edmonds
CastNick Furze
CastMary Hayter
CastAmy Cleverley
CastCatriona Eagle
CastRebecca Knott
CastPauline Perrin
CastJenny Hailes
CastCharlotte Carey
CastSarah Stott
CastSharon Upham
CastChloe Creaser
CastSarah Neale
Production TeamSet DesignGareth Luxton
CastLucy Payne
Production TeamSet DesignGerald Eyers
CastNicky Hann
CastMia Hann
CastTristan Hann
CastGerald Eyers
CastTina Eyers
CastJo Scammell
CastWilliam Creaser
SetConstructionAngelo Giannetti
SetConstructionCharlie Watkins
SetConstructionMike Scammell
SetConstructionJames Wiltshire
SetConstructionAdrian Mitchell
SetConstructionChris Spray
SetConstructionRoger Reeson
SetConstructionGerald Eyers
SetPaintingGareth Luxton
Production TeamPropertiesVal Burbidge
CastOlivia Kerton
CastMadeleine Allen
CastImi Allen
CastRosie Boulton-Roberts
CastHenry Boulton Roberts
CastMary Boulton-Roberts
CastFlorence Milner
CastLucy Russell
CastMegan Hamilton
CastCharlotte Tweedley
CastDaisy Gray
CastLola Punchard
CastLauren Cooper
CastNaomi Cooper
CastAlicia Jeanes
CastFrank Bonetti
SetPaintingCharlie Watkins
SetPaintingJulie Spray
SetPaintingChris Spray
SetPaintingAngelo Giannetti
CastLydia Allen
SetConstructionJulie Spray
CastChris Spray
CrewStage HandMike Scammell
CrewStage HandAngelo Giannetti
CrewPropertiesGeraldine Hale
CrewLighting assistantBen Lynch
SetPaintingRoger Reeson
SetPaintingMike Scammell
SetPaintingJames Wiltshire
Production TeamPhotographyAdam Lanfranchi