Avast Behind!

Avast Behind! - or the true story of what happened at Treasure Island - has been written by Vicky Orman and Katy Biggs, with a little help from Mark O'Callaghan and is directed by Chris Britton. There are many, many pirates both male and female with a strong likelihood that the villain will also be female - Long Joan Silver - who will have to perform with an obligatory wooden leg, hook, and talking parrot! This will be the first panto with a 'flash back' to when the pirates were at pirate school and will involve the junior chorus in substantial dialogue. There will also be a very posh version of The Haka using local street names - and a man-eating shark that will eat the audience as well as the cast! The whole stage, including the apron, will be used and the band (also dressed as pirates) will play on stage. Anyone of any age, height or gender, or with a big bum will be welcomed.

Show dates: 12/12/2009 - 19/12/2009

Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
Production TeamDirectorChris Briton
Production TeamChoreographySarah Neale
Production TeamProducerKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
Production TeamProducerVicky Orman
Production TeamMusical DirectorSheila Ross
Production TeamStage ManagerCharlie Watkins
CrewLighting and SoundGraham Brown
CrewPropertiesVicky Orman
WardrobeCostumesSarah Briton
PrincipalsPirate FisherAnna Friend
PrincipalsPirate DoggerKate Lynch
PrincipalsBilly BonesChris Briton
PrincipalsJim HawkinsNicky Hann
PrincipalsDame HawkinsMark Wall
PrincipalsJolly RogerNick Barlow
PrincipalsBlack BessSandra Marshall
PrincipalsSquire TrelawneyGordon Scott
PrincipalsPolly TrelawneySarah Neale
PrincipalsPolly Trelawneymarion gobin
PrincipalsDr. LiveseyJenny Hailes
PrincipalsBlind PewMat Salmon
PrincipalsLong John SilverKen Edmonds
PrincipalsThe ParrotEmma James
PrincipalsCaptain SmolletFrank Bonetti
PrincipalsPrincess Lenor Neptune (Team 1)Jessica Hughes
PrincipalsPrincess Lenor Neptune (Team 2)Olivia Kerton
PrincipalsFearnley-WittingstallRichard Wright
PrincipalsCradockMary Hayter
PrincipalsBenjamina GunnElspeth Salmon
PrincipalsDavy JonesMark Hutchinson
Sailor SingerRoberta Bass
Sailor SingerVicky Orman
Sailor SingerGary Pearson
Sailor SingerMat Salmon
Sailor SingerElspeth Salmon
Sailor SingerRebecca Shaw
Sailor SingerToby Wall
Sailor SingerMason Brook
Adult ChorusKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
Adult ChorusCatriona Eagle
Adult ChorusStacey English
Adult ChorusTony Hathway
Adult ChorusMary Hayter
Adult ChorusAmanda Heurteau
Adult ChorusMark Hutchinson
Adult ChorusJudi Neale
MusiciansKeyboard/AccordianSheila Ross
MusiciansLead GuitarAlan Hooley
MusiciansBass GuitarTony Scragg
MusiciansDrumsDavid Collyer
Teen ChorusAdults' Dance CaptainAmy Higgins
Teen ChorusChildren's Dance CaptainGeorgia Wall
Teen ChorusEleanor Allen
Teen ChorusPhoebe James
Teen ChorusCheryl Noble
Teen ChorusTeam 1Lauren Best
Teen ChorusTeam 1Mason Brook
Teen ChorusTeam 1Annabella Gould
Teen ChorusTeam 1Libby Mewes
Teen ChorusTeam 1Ellie Witor
Teen ChorusTeam 2Chloe Grant
Teen ChorusTeam 2Lucy Hobman
Teen ChorusTeam 2Sophie Kerton
Teen ChorusTeam 2Jessica Michelmore
Teen ChorusTeam 2Toby Wall
Children's ChorusTeam 1Ben Lynch
Children's ChorusTeam 1Charlotte Clissold
Children's ChorusTeam 1Chloe Talbot-Swain
Children's ChorusTeam 1Jessica Hughes
Children's ChorusTeam 1Madeleine Witor
Children's ChorusTeam 1Megan Hamilton
Children's ChorusTeam 1Phoebe Lynch
Children's ChorusTeam 1Zoe Frost
Children's ChorusTeam 2Alexei Turner
Children's ChorusTeam 2Bertie Handley
Children's ChorusTeam 2Bethany Milligan
Children's ChorusTeam 2Emily Mahoney
Children's ChorusTeam 2Lucy Russell
Children's ChorusTeam 2Mia Hann
Children's ChorusTeam 2Olivia Kerton
Children's ChorusTeam 2Phoebe Carroll
CrewSound/effectsPete Ross
SetDesignCatherine Tucker
WardrobeCostumesSue Scott
WardrobeCostumesAileen Thomasson
WardrobeCostumesCherry Payne
WardrobeCostumesMelanie Goody
WardrobeCostumesSusanna Gatialova
WardrobeCostumesJo Turner
WardrobeCostumesAmanda Ryan
CrewPropertiesLesley Ricketts
CrewPropertiesCatherine Tucker
SetConstructionCharlie Watkins
SetConstructionGraham Brown
SetConstructionMick Quirk
SetConstructionCatherine Tucker
CrewStage HandAngelo Giannetti
CrewPromptTina Eyers
CrewPromptSue Scott
PublicityPosters/boardsKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
PublicityPosters/boardsVicky Orman
PublicityEmma Dance
PublicityProgrammeSarah Kendall
PublicityProgrammeElly Milln
PublicityPhotographyArik Casey
SetTreasure MapMark O'Callaghan
SetTreasure MapKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
SetConstructionAnnette Papworth
SetConstructionFrank Edgeller
SetConstructionAngelo Giannetti
WardrobeMake UpHelen Makin
WardrobeMake UpJulie Makin
WardrobeMake UpShauna Jameson
CrewStage HandMick Quirk
CrewStage Handnorman
CrewStage HandCatherine Tucker
CrewStage HandGerald Eyers