Animal Farm

The Play of George Orwell’s Animal Farm adapted by Peter Hall. A dynamic, funny and thought provoking piece of theatre. Lois‘ vision is of a gritty, political production with an awareness of contemporary relevance but also very entertaining. It is not a tale for children.


This much-acclaimed dramatization of George Orwell's classic, allegorical novel was first seen at the National Theatre in 1984. The play starts with a schoolboy sitting down to read the novel by a toy farmyard. As he reads, the farmyard comes to life around him, enacting the animals' rebellion. The dialogue is complemented by Mitchell's witty lyrics and Peaslee's music, jaunty at first, but increasingly threatening and dissonant.

Show dates: 04/07/2012 - 07/07/2012

Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
Production TeamDirectorLois Harbinson
Production TeamStage ManagerCatherine Tucker
SetDesignCatherine Tucker
Production TeamProducerRichard Wright
PublicityProgrammeSarah Kendall
PublicitySarah Kendall
PublicityKen Edmonds
CrewPromptJo Scammell
CrewLightingPete Ross
CrewPropertiesPat Watkins
WardrobeCostumesLouise Sansam
CastSnowballKen Edmonds
CastBoxerFrank Edgeller
CastNapoleonNick Barlow
CastBenjaminFrank Bonetti
CastSquealerEmma James
CastCloverCarol Phillimore
CastMurielCatriona Eagle
CastMollieLucy Payne
CastMr WhymperKen Edmonds
CastMosesCatriona Eagle
CastHenLucy Payne
CastDogLucy Payne
CastMr JonesLen Sweales
CastBullLen Sweales
CastCatClaire Hak
CastYoung PigClaire Hak
CastSheepClaire Hak
CastStable LadJames Sutton
CastDogJames Sutton
CastYoung PigJames Sutton
CastHenJeanne Clogg
CastSheepJeanne Clogg
CastCowJeanne Clogg
CastSheepDoreen Grant
CastHenDoreen Grant
CastSheepMary Hayter
CastCowMary Hayter
CastCowMaria E Olteanu-Furze
CastBoyMatt Townsend
CastMinimusElliot Lever
CastYoung PigElliot Lever
CastHenLayla Carter
CastYoung PigLayla Carter
SetConstructionMike Scammell
SetConstructionBenny Williams
SetConstructionTony Hathway
SetConstructionRoger Reeson
SetConstructionAngelo Giannetti
SetConstructionCharlie Watkins
SetConstructionNiels Hak
SetConstructionCatherine Tucker
SetPaintingVicky Orman
SetPaintingSarah Briton
SetPaintingChris Briton
SetPaintingLouise Sansam
SetPaintingMary Hayter
SetPaintingPeter Carroll
WardrobeCostumesSarah Briton
CastOld MajorRichard Wright
CastMr PilkingtonRichard Wright
WardrobeMake UpHelen Makin
SetPaintingElaine Watson
SetPaintingCatherine Tucker
CrewPropertiesCharlie Watkins
CrewPuppeteerSarah Briton
CrewLightingGraham Brown
CrewSoundPete Ross
CrewStage HandJames Furze
CrewPuppeteerJames Furze
CrewLightingRichard Wynn-Jones