And Then There Were None

In Agatha Christie's darkest thriller, it's August 1939 and Europe teeters on the brink of war. Ten strangers are invited as weekend guests to a private island off the Devon coast. Their generous hosts, eccentric millionaires Mr and Mrs U.N. Owen, are nowhere to be found. All that the guests have in common is a dark past they're unwilling to reveal. A famous nursery rhyme is framed and hung in every room of the mansion:

Ten little Soldier Boys went out to dine; One choked his little self, and then there were nine.
Nine little Soldier Boys sat up very late; One overslept himself, and then there were eight.
Eight little Soldier Boys travelling in Devon; One said he'd stay there, and then there were seven.
Seven little Soldier Boys chopping up sticks; One chopped himself in halves, and then there were six.
Six little Soldier Boys playing with a hive; A bumblebee stung one, and then there were five.
Five little Soldier Boys going in for law; One got in Chancery, and then there were four.
Four little Soldier Boys going out to sea; A red herring swallowed one, and then there were three.
Three little Soldier Boys walking in the zoo; A big bear hugged one, and then there were two.
Two little Soldier Boys sitting in the sun; One got frizzled up, and then there was one.
One little Soldier Boy left all alone; He went out and hanged himself, and then there were none.

As members of the party start to die one by one, the survivors begin to turn on each other. Who is the mastermind of this murderous scheme? Will anyone leave the island alive? Only the dead are above suspicion.

Show dates: 13th - 17th September 2022

Performances start at 19:30


Show dates: 13/09/2022 - 17/09/2022


Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
CastAnthony James MarstonTom Creswick
CastCaptain Philip LombardNick Barlow
CastEmily Caroline BrentSarah Galton
CastEthel RogersCaroline Hoare
CastFred NarracottKen Edmonds
CastGeneral John Gordon MacKenzieCharles Blanning
CastJustice Lawrence John WargraveSimon Birkett
CastUna Nancey OwenLois Harbinson
CastVera Elizabeth ClaythornePhoebe Lynch
CastWilliam Henry BloreDave Palmer
Production TeamDialect CoachLois Harbinson
Production TeamDirectorAdam Lanfranchi
Production TeamFront of House ManagerSally Trayhurn
Production TeamMake-upHelen Makin
Production TeamProgrammeAdam Lanfranchi
Production TeamPromptDoreen Grant
Production TeamPropsJo Scammell
Production TeamPropsVicky Orman
Production TeamPropsSusan King
Production TeamPublicityAdam Lanfranchi
Production TeamSet DesignAdam Lanfranchi
Production TeamSet DesignEmma Lanfranchi
Production TeamSound DesignAdrian Mitchell
Production TeamStage ManagerKate Lynch