Do you want to join our vibrant, exciting theatre society?

Wells Little Theatre is a well-established amateur theatre group (founded in 1902) with a hugely committed membership and possesses the freehold of the theatre building. We encourage people to take a look at our various social media pages and information feeds to get a feel for the society. You can contact someone using either the form on our contact page, or message directly on the Wells Little Theatre Facebook page. If you want, you can arrange to pop along to a social night as a guest, or arrange a convenient time to have a tour of the theatre and ask any questions.

Speaking of questions, we most commonly get asked the following:

How do I become a member?

Arrange to come and visit using the form on our contact page or Facebook and have a look around to get a feel for the society. You can then complete a membership form and submit it with the membership fee to be approved by the committee.

The cost of an annual membership is:

  • ORDINARY MEMBER is £40. You can perform in a show, vote in the AGM, help backstage, purchase drinks at the bar on social events and sign in up to two guests
  • SOCIAL MEMBER is £15. You can help backstage (but not on stage), purchase drinks at the bar on social events and sign in up to two guests..

  • PATRON is £50 and supports the theatre. Year round access to the theatre bar, where you and two guests can also join us for our social events. Also get two complementary tickets for the spring show civic night which includes a drinks' reception before the show. 

Do you have to audition to get into the society?

No, there is no audition process to join the society.

But I can’t sing or act! You don’t need me as a member, do you?

We can categorically say that everyone is welcome, and in fact people who have no interest in being on stage are often greeted with great rejoicing! As most people who are in an amateur dramatics know, the people on stage are just the tip of the iceberg. We are in constant need of people to help with Front of House, in the Bar and Backstage. If none of that interests you, we would still love to have you as a member and participate in social events.

Hang on, it says ‘Wells Operatic Society’ – do you only do operas?

The name of the charitable group dates back to its conception over a hundred years ago, when the society mainly performed operas. However, we now do musicals, plays, pantomimes and review shows of all different types.

We usually produce four shows a year:

  • March spring play.
  • May spring musical.
  • September autumn play or musical.
  • December winter pantomime.

Do you host other shows?

Yes, frequently. We hosted the very successful Long Paws Comedy Club. The theatre is also available to hire, so is often used by other groups and companies, local schools, dance groups and societies as a venue.

I'm interested in a show that's coming up, do I need to be a member to audition?

No, you can audition without being a member but to participate in a show and be on stage as a performer you have to be a member otherwise you would not be covered by our insurance.

I'm not sure if I can commit to being involved with all these shows.

That's fine, you don't have to be in everything, or in fact anything. People volunteer as much or as little as they can manage. We just hope that new members can get involved and volunteer and have fun as much as possible!

Do you have a Youth Theatre?

Currently, we do not, unfortunately. Some of our shows have roles for young people, and our annual pantomime always has a junior chorus and sometimes roles for children.

I have more questions - who do I ask?

You can message at our Facebook page if you are into social media, or use our contact form and arrange for someone to email or call you for a chat. We'd love to hear from you!